The award-winning Leonardo "Mr. Cinema" Sanderson is the owner and creative director of Enlightened Vision Entertainment. 

  • A degree in Digital Cinematography 10+ years in the film industry

  • Winner at the Astana Action Film Festival (Best Film) for his creativity and production

  • Writer, Director, Sound Mixer, Editor, Producer

  • Creator of Commercials, and Film

  • Published in several magazines, The Daily News, and The Post

Our in house Make-Up Artist is the acclaimed Angil Cox whose work has been featured in magazines throughout the world. 

  • 8+ Years as Certified Makeup Artist & Professional Model

  • Her work has been published in many magazines, including Africa

  • Award-winner in beauty pageants

  • Work is featured in many music videos

  • Scriptwriter for HBO movies


We specialize in creating ideal and customized commercials for television, websites, and social media sites, as well as training videos to increase profits, and make more sales for businesses. Our customers are Nation-Wide.